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Bold & Gold® (B&G) is a Biosorption Activated Media (BAM) for pollution control developed by the Stormwater Management Academy at the University of Central Florida. B&G has been used to achieve nitrogen and phosphorus reduction in stormwater, wastewater and agriculture applications. B&G is used together with common stormwater BMPs such as infiltration basins, swales, filters, and greenroofs. B&G is also used with Onsite Wastewater treatment in containment tanks and drainfields.

Use B&G in BMPs for nitrogen and phosphorus reduction credits in the following programs:

  • ERP (Environmental Resource Permit)

  • TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load)

  • MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System)

  • BMAP (Basin Management Action Plans)

  • Net Improvement

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Bold & Gold® media is composed of a patented blend of mineral materials, sand and clay. Organics are used in the medias where plant growth will take place such as greenroof and Subsurface Upflow Wetland®. Unlike other growth medias, B&G uses a low percentage of organics in these mixes so the media does not lose volume or shrink over time.


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